SoTherefore, since we have such a hope, we are very bold ~ Ephesians 3:12

As we set up to gear forward with more guidance from above to reach out to the lost, the poor, the hopeless to bring back a better view of hope out of despair.  The view from above that our gracious Father God set down upon our hearts to serve as one body of Christ here in Nicaragua through projects of Hope while repairing water wells.

First, I want to ask for prayers of protection over Nicaragua. It’s raining season here which this year has caused more flooding. These homes here are not typical homes we are used to. Through the times of need we try to reach out to as many villages blessing with a big roll of black plastic (100 ft about 135.00$ equals about 10 homes, depends on size and damages) to at least protect through the storms but now is close to hurricanes possible. God willing, we can protect as much as possible while staying safe and secure traveling deep into the mountainous terrains.

Currently we have been working in the Santa Martha area and a school in El Guayabal restoring hope as we use new machine types to help the burden on more families and the school in which connecting water lines from the nearby village ( over 500ft. ) there at the school itself from the classrooms to the road is 200ft. As I was watching all do physical hard labor from digging trenches, to repairing walkways, to stopping such corrosion and spill upon them too, to me as well suffering in this task of keeping an order to such a strain because I just couldn’t watch, I felt the tug to help from the Holy Spirit to get my hands dirty. I took this as a great feeling because I personally enjoy being in the trenches so call because I am a hands on man who grows more actually doing Gods work while speaking it.  Made me start thinking as sweat begins to pour out of me without any water to replenish my thirst, my pain, my will to go on…. I could only imagine the daily walk and grind of this village and school of El Guayabal.

Next to air, water is our most essential necessity to live, for life as we know. The majority of the globe, including the United States, is fortunate to have access to plentiful, clean water that can be used for drinking, cooking, producing food, washing clothes, and flushing toilets. We seldom worry that the water we drink could make us sick or even kill us. Did you know around the world, hundreds of millions of people don’t share this blessing and at least 3.4 billion people are unreached with the gospel.  Words can’t describe the pain and suffering daily from this, but I do know that clean water helps free children from deadly, preventable diseases. It frees women and children from long hours spent gathering dirty, contaminated water. In addition to restoring health, clean water also supplies access to opportunities for education, a bright future, and the kind of life that God wants for His children.  This is why the project of Hope in El Guayabal is so important and vital that we could not set a blind eye or heart to.

I became a servant of this gospel by the gift of Gods grace given me through the working of his power ~ Ephesians 3:7

But what should be our priorities as Christians? Provide communities with access to clean water and improved health or proclaim the transforming truth of the gospel and just watch as we can do something about a situation God placed us on?  I firmly believe that we must serve the whole person (body and soul), and I also believe that Christ must be central to all our efforts. If we solely preach the gospel, we ignore their basic physical needs. If we only give them water, teach about hygiene, and build toilets at schools, we feel like we’ve neglected the Christian nature of our work. Showing we care with compassion from Jesus brings more to life than just our words. People are hurting, vulnerable, and in crisis here in Nicaragua. At this moment it’s the school & community of El Guayabal. Yes, and unfortunately there will be more as we continue to fight the good fight. Whether it is their health, personal safety, or economics, the average person living in a rural village lives in the midst of hardship and loss that we can’t begin to fathom or can comprehend unless we ourselves as been through it.

As we completed the task of laying the tubes from one village to the other and transforming lives in the process, we still need to pass a main hurdle. The pressure of the water faints while reaching the school once an hour daily. Between 7 and 8 o clock in the morning. That’s it, no more. Which for the ones who never had is a blessing and problem at the same time. We all know that. We prayfully ask for donations to supply water 24 hours a day.  Being still, knowing that God moves mountains. Goes way above our budget so for now we will continue to pray for the village while giving praise to our Father God for what He has done and will continue to do, reaching out to as many as God lays His lights down upon on to see and meet.

With much love from of us here in Nicaragua. God bless.

Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters. —Isaiah 55:1

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