Therefore, I will now allure her, and bring her into the wilderness, and speak tenderly to her. – Hosea 2:14.

Hello, my friends, blessings, and love from my heart to yours.

Daily we think of how we all got connected through our savior Jesus Christ through prayers and thanksgiving. Each walked differently but has been saved by the same most powerful Father God to shine His light with acts of generosity, kindness, and love.

In this verse God wants to bring the people of Israel to an intimate and beautiful place with Him. As our Father God, He also wants to spend time with us, to tell us that we are precious and that He loves us. He wants to take our troubles and turn them into hope. He wants to renew our spirit. He will lie us down in safety and we will know the Lord. His mercy is a beautiful undeserved and never-ending gift. It is His mercy that allows us to continue to shower us His people, His children of these mountains of El Chilamatal, connecting through all the villages we have encountered. That through our often mess ups and falls into temptation and sin, Father God redeems and renews us. This is why we follow Him into the wilderness and accept His gift of mercy and remember mercy is a gift only for us to share upon others allowing our faith stand higher than our fears.

Being generous is a quality of unselfish giving. God wants us to be humble and give quietly. We are not to do like some individuals and corporations do by making headlines for giving money in support of a popular cause. That is not giving quietly. Matthew 6:1-4, talks about this very thing. When you give, do it with kindness, unselfishness, and from your heart. Do it without expecting praise and glory. Another example of why these “Projects of Hope” are vital and dear to my heart as a server to an unknown God but to a known future built on His foundation of Love to not only repair water wells but supply for a future with washrooms, lavadora to wash clothes, places to rest with shelter for protection both them and the water well, hot food to pass around to the kids of the mountains and the schools, care packages for the elderly, single mothers. So much can describe the cheerful heart of our ministry here in Nicaragua.

2 CORINTHIANS 9:7 which says that God loves [delights in and is honored by] a cheerful giver.

While we can plan and lead all these assorted opportunities for service genuine service is determined by our hearts. Believe it or not, we can gather and perform all sorts of religious rituals but not genuinely service to our Father God. We can fool others with our actions, but we cannot fool God because He sees where man cannot see…. He sees our hearts.

Why does God want us to be thankful, honest, and trusting fore Him when we worship Him with our wealth, our own time, our own heart? So that He might be glorified through us. Through our works of service to Him, no matter in what areas He has placed us in. There is immense joy in serving the Lord. There is great blessing in obedience. There is peace and comfort when our hearts are honest before the Lord and fully trusting in Him. God delights in the child who is thankful for His goodness and grace and the one who is thankful, honest, and trusting in God fully and completely will purpose their life to honor and glorify Him through all of our walk-in life. The valleys of the deep, the mountains of the high, the rivers of despair, the oceans of bliss….all of what we have and given is by Gods grace, His unceasing love…..this is why the needs of service is a must…..this is why I have given it all to serve with these “projects of hope”.  Generosity that was all started with a touch from Jesus’s hand to mine in a small church in Freeport, FL. That has led to years later of service with help and love from others who also serve God in the ways they are led. We are partners for the kingdom of God. As when doors close, new ones open, as when days end, new ones begin. All in faith.

Generosity is the bone shared with the dog, when we are just as hungry as the dog! With such words,
If we practiced more generosity, the livelier we become, the more selfless we grow, because of that noble concern of the needs of others. The spiritual effect on the giver who practices the openness of heart drawing us closer to the truth of oneness with the receiver, the kids here in the mountains. To a people in need, we need not shy away because we have the heart of God within us. All is possible, at least we can express our sincere and wholehearted wish for their welfare and offer for them a prayer.

on this trip we encountered so much struggles and trials due to a death in the village, the truck breaking down multiple times causing us stranded and with sleepless nights in the truck, weather conditions…..the list can go on but the whole testimony comes from Gods mercy upon these people in the mountains of El Chilamatal. I could easily call defeat but……and I honestly say BUT with a full force of love…. BUT I knew Gods calling upon me was and is strong for these “Projects of Hope” and I was not going to let any force come between God and me. He broken me with tears as I beg to be able to continue His mission here, for the people to see how my faith and hope stands so high above the chaos…..I need Jesus daily… need Jesus daily…..why cant they see that we are these people just like them… need of a Savior.

As you look through these photos and the ones on the website, you will see the transformation take place at the well. You will see the transformation take place I the hot food. You will see the transformation take place through the care packages. All gifts of kindness, all gifts of generosity, all gifts of service,

We love you all so much. See you soon and we look forward to the new seasons of life through these Projects of Hope.

From your missionary family and friends,

Angely, Tyanna, and Shane