As we were going into the area of Santa Martha, crossing a river that has no other option to enter the village (which now is extremely low) we took notice of women trying to wash clothes in this condition, along with not being as clean as it could be due to animals coming to feed and graze because of lack of rain.

Then it got me thinking of our Father God and His love for us. Because I knew what was about to transform this village of Santa Martha giving Him all the glory and honor. His love is a generous, selfless love. The love that He places in our hearts compels us to give generously, especially to those who lack what they need. Just like the partnerships we have here and donors who take on projects to repair wells and to restore hope that has been lost through their walks of life, who has felt abandoned but not just by people but by God.

Since becoming a missionary, serving with others in outreach programs through churches and communities, my witness of eyes as been able to adapt the kindness of what I see into what I do. God is no fool, He is a great Father who gives us love and friendships for us to live out His designed masterplan. Jesus declared that any kindness shown, any help given to those in need would not lose its reward. Never refusing to give to anyone in need who asked for his help, who had faith into what He was declaring.

As Christians, as disciples and believers we are called to be kind and generous as Jesus is as much as we can be. Whether that is to go out to serve our communities, our foreign soils, to help support the people who do, to pray for all that takes places in the spiritual whelm of this world. All this is needed to accomplish the works of our Lord and Savior because we are just branches of the tree of life that God, our Father has breathed into us.

The most important is LOVE…this love is kind and generous…. God’s presence felt stronger than anything I felt, why is this…. I believe full heartedly because we are doing exactly what His plans are. To restore hope in lives and to repair wells bringing back fresh clean water to many that has been without for years or for the ones that take the kilometers trip, 2 or 3 times a day, free them from this burden, from them from the chains of defeat with the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Upon arriving at the school, entering with great hope and love for the task at hand we were instantly welcomed by the students and Profesoras. Not knowing of the reason there but feeling that something big was about to happen…. GLORY TO GOD.

It is exciting as a believer in Jesus on how His love outstands all during any moments we encounter in our lives. Witnessing how they reacted with joy as a simple gesture from us that gets water daily….as I took a deep breathe out reminding myself that God comforts the ones who seek His goodness is such a great building block for us to be ready to serve at any moments and at the same time be prepared for the embracing impacts of lives being transformed through our hearts by spreading God’s love. Something about how when we unite as a one body of Christ that more gets accomplished than just us on a single walk of faith. Gods perfect plan is for us to serve together

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