Good evening and blessings to you and over you. Finally returning from close to a months time journey from El Chilamatal, we entered a new village at the intersection of Jabonera. Of course these names that I say you don’t know personally but now it’s possible to search Google map 🙂

Anyways I want to take time out personally for this letter of encouragement and testimony to such a mighty God we serve. Daily it appeared to me that we was under spiritual warfare. For some us we have had the great privilege to travel across seas to encounter this with greatness or some has encountered this through serving our community and even in our homes. ITS REAL!!!

Throughout this letter I hope that with all said it gives glory to God and not the darkness that seems to be stronger each time we go out and serve our Father God. As you look at the transformation of God’s vision here at this project. From the first sight to the final, I pray you see and noticed the detail, the love, the desire these people had with the encouragement and strength from our Father God.

When we think of light, we think of the sun. Through tutoring we have be instructed that the sun is the center of the solar system and thus it is the light of the world.

But the sun, in spite of its greatness, is not the “Light of the World.” The “Light of the World” is the Son of God.

Matthew 5:16 ~ Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in Heaven

Jesus pronounced himself to be such. For He is the one who made the sun. He is the one who with one striking voice pronouncing “I am the light of the world.”

Has Jesus had a great impact or influence on our life like that of the sun that shines on the earth? This is the question that I found myself asking daily on this trip. Many obstacles came upon me and during these obstacles, which I took as spiritual warfare, made me see, made me feel where I stood with our Father God. Challenges not from God but protection upon protection as we set forth in faith.

From when the first well we did work on kept getting dirty to clean water to the truck breaking down in the same spot 3 times….literally it seemed God’s hands stopped us from death. Glory to God!!!

So when Jesus said, “I am the Light of the World,” it was a statement of declaration about His glory but it was also more than that…He brought Life. He brought Love.

Jesus came to display all the goodness of God through his caring acts toward people. This is what I truly feel He has done through Aqua de Vida Ministry and people like you. Doing what God called us to do and using what our Father has given us. Your hearts. Your love. Your faith.

I have heard some say and some personally say they can’t know God….well, after this trip I can personally say not only can you know God but can have a relationship with Him and be in His presence and strengthened by Him every moment of every day. Just like He has done throughout the times in the Bible, He still strengthens and restores.

If our life is on trial, going through chaos, spritual attacks upon us, would people that encountered us through all that have enough evidence to clearly state that we were Christians? Believers and Followers of the most High? Light bearers?

There is something anointed about someone who has Christ all over them. Yes? Being around them you can just tell if they have been with Jesus. I felt this with you. Your light. No way would me as a man be able to grow stronger with our Father if I didn’t have you in my life.

Scripture shows us that everyone belongs to a family. This is why not only do we repair water wells we restore hope with the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Not just speaking and preaching the word of God, through our actions of community service. He gives us the desire and the drive to please Him. He not only gives us what to but also the want to.

On this trip the Holy Spirit touched my heart to bless the kids with a hot meal, power milk along with crayons and coloring book with English/Spanish Scriptures.

Blessed the elderly, single moms with rice & beams. Why do we do this? Jesus says there will always be poverty but still we need to be the Light.

If possible we pass out fresh fruit when available. That all depends on cost and excess ability.

Random acts of kindness, blessing with black plastic ( which is worth the value of Gold ) they use for protection of the storms for the homes or for the bathroom or the place the clean themselves.

Having raffles with kids on to see of they know Jesus. Gifting soccer balls and power milk.

Now I don’t know about you but when Jesus tells me I am the light of the world it makes me feel pretty good about myself. Maybe I’m not so bad after all. Always I remember the day I encountered Jesus, it rocked my world…..I pray that all feels this rock also.

Thank you for your time, your partnership and most importantly, thank you for your friendship and heart for me and my family as we fight together to stand above the table for the light to shine.