Blessings and love from our family to yours. We are praying all is well with you, your health, with your walk in life. Nowadays, times get fast if we allow it and it will take us away with a distraction that brings us weaker or stronger but with our hearts still on the same goal of what we are given through God’s grace. For people to feel His Love. To help whom we can especially the children, the orphans, the single moms, the elderly. From time and time again, the Bible illustrates such a boldness to us that we are to be fishers of men. To not just give but to teach, to promote God’s love through our actions of kindness. Like most men, I personally have seen things on both sides of the perspective of life. And from what I have come across, with God or without it seems that men cannot stay on one task when we know there is another to solve, especially when we know we can do something about it because it has given us the tools through the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, since we have such a hope, we are very bold ~ Ephesians 3:12

God has blessed a place within a city called Los Rugamas with rich soil to start producing vegetation for food programs. A natural well in the middle to supply needed water to keep sowing and reaping. It also has the clay dirt to make bricks needed for our projects of Hope. The big plus is that it’s smack in the middle of the territory we have been ministering to.  Our Father has opened our eyes to things we would never have seen. For example, on the land we got blessed with, it was so buried in overgrowth that nothing could be seen. But now we have uncovered many fruit trees. Amazing, yes? How on the outside can be so damaged that when seen, even us can’t visually see what God has created. He has promised many times, take damage and heal. Broken too. Bad to good. So much was unearthed that it was covering fruitful plants. 3 huge Guava trees, over 70 banana trees, 3 nance trees along with 5 small ones (we are going relocate to be on the fence line for the students and community to eat), 3 avocado trees hidden in the bananas. 5 lemon trees and a couple of mangos. 2 natural wells, clay dirt for the bricks we can use with the Projects of Hope.

With this land along with help from partnerships who have felt in their hearts to plant a future with us as a family ministry to give back to the communities. Now with the gift to start planting, sowing, reaping and seeding while still repairing wells. Giving living waters through God’s work through us … sure, takes my breath away. Not only with much needed nutrition be available to produce through the seeds of what can be planted but now much needed hope, hope in our Lord who saved us through His designed way and yours as well as of many others. My souls start to open up to all the possibilities of what God has called us to be in sowing, planting and reaping. “Farming” Who would ever think an inner city child from inner Kansas City, Missouri would become a missionary/farmer in Central America Nicaragua. God’s grace is sufficient even when the struggles are real.

We truly believe God gifted us this property to prosper for the people of Nicaragua. A huge step of faith for me, for us as a family. Admitting I’m a little nervous to fail at such a task. Not many people feel the same as us who get a spark from God to challenge ourselves for others. All we can do is walk in faith and continue to shine God’s light through repairing water wells and now with this new task at hand.

With much love and respect, thank you for making many hearts feel the love of Christ here in Nicaragua. 

Your missionary family, 

Tyanna, Angely and Shane


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